Absolute Speed Training

Absolute Speed Training

• BPS featured Absolute Speed training is all about THRESHOLD. Elite athletes QB RGIII; Wide Receivers James Washington, Curtis Samuel, Breshad Perriman and Darvin Kidsy in the zones to PERFECTION.

• Complex advanced Moving Claw series with Buildup A-Run Zones on a Flat Loading Periodization model for distance (40-80yds).

• The Moving Claw series will raise the threshold of the reflexes of the Posterior Chain during the Max Velocity cycle. That threshold will apply to the A-Run Zone. SPECIFICALLY the group prep phase and ground contact phase (double knee bend Stretch Reflex to project the hips forward with full hip extension FAST while limiting ground contact.

• The A-Run zone will continue to be maximized, even in a fatigued state. The flat loading model makes the ESD (energy systems development) efficient and avoids overtraining.

• This WILL apply to sport! Regardless of any misinformation out there, the “second gear” is a SIGNIFICANT part of speed development that will transfer. Especially in football at these positions.

Absolute Speed Training – Tufftread Sprints

The Tufftread Performance is a HUGE part of our MLB training system. In the General Prep Phase (GPP) and transitioning into Intensification, a huge emphasis is place on Volume and slow eccentrics on lower Posterior Chain Development in the weight room; and Strength Endurance on the field.

On the opposite day, we incorporate Tuff Tread max effort interval sprints – 22mph + with a 5-10 degree slight incline.

As we progress to the December conjugate phases, we will incorporate unmotorized 30-40 degree incline bounds and sprints; and motorized 25-28 mph+ sprints on opposing days. Periodized with our field-based resisted/assisted sprint complexes.

That’s the significance of this high level technology – unmotorized versus motorized; high digital incline function up to 40 degrees; and overspeed harness in later phases. This assists quantifying the progression, that maps well with our:
1. Field-based sprint zones with timed splits and motion analysis
2. Force plate data w plates and HiTrainer

The success of our speed programs is always centered around progressions of support system prep; trunk/spine isometrics; horizontal plyometrics; posterior chain strengthening; sprint zone periodization w timed splits. But the advanced TECHNOLOGY is the key to individualized plans of volume and intensity.

Star MLB OF Tommy Pham demonstrating focus on stride length and backside mechanics emphasis on the Tuff Tread in this phase is a good example.

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