Speed / Movement / Agility

Hip Abduction Sequence to Multidirectional Speed and Trunk Integration


Hip Abduction is one of the most important functions of the LINK between lower body function and Integrated Trunk/Spine systems. Maximizing the threshold of lower body functions is ESPECIALLY important with regards to all Movement, Agility, Speed, and Specificity of training. The threshold needs to be maximized by super-setting (complexing) TECHNICAL and/or PLYOMETRIC drills that directly relate to the MUSCLE FUNCTION of the required motion. Since every change of direction (COD) involves certain levels of hip abduction function (eccentric loading AND concentric action), it is imperative that this action is implemented into all Movement protocols. In addition – hip abduction is directly related to Trunk/Spine high level function – especially isometric threshold of trunk lateral flexors and trunk rotators. Both of which are crucial for optimal Movement training.

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