Resisted Sprints – Strength/Power Continuum

Since there is so much activity in this group (and on the Members Only Website discussion board!) with the concepts of Resisted Sprints, we figured it might be appropriate to share clips of this live session.

Note that the “Strength/Power Endurance Continuum” focuses on resisted work that is less specific (Strength, on the left side of the Continuum) and more specific (to the right).
This sequence shown here is one of the THE MOST SPECIFIC, and is placed on the far right side of the Continuum within the Periodization cycle of sprint capacity work. WHY?? The Vertimax Raptor provides very LIGHT resistance – so the body lean, foot strike (with respect to the center of mass), AND the overall ground contact time is very similar to a free sprint (no resistance).

Also, note the anchor position of the resistance. It’s up on the Ki-RO Core Trainer vest, on the left side. Meaning that when the sprint is executed, the Raptor + Kirocore is “trying to pull and rotate the trunk to the left”. However, notice that during this perfectly executed sprint, there is NO trunk rotation. WHY? His RIGHT TRUNK ROTATORS ON THE ANTERIOR SIDE is isometrically strong enough to withstand this resisted force!
That’s what makes this such a highly efficient and specific resisted exercise for Power Endurance. The resistance is light enough that this trunk INTENTION is subconscious during the sprint execution. The anchor position provides the proper force angle and moment arm around the axis of rotation to provide this INTENTION. Strong isometric trunk rotators to withstand powerful forces created by fast leg whip action during maximal sprints is ESSENTIAL to an efficient stride. To achieve the proper foot strike during a stride, this is a KEY factor! Because if the trunk DOES slightly rotate during a sprint (caused by the momentum forces of the leg whip), OVERSTRIDES can occur. Which leads to longer ground contact and too much stress on tissue (specifically the posterior chain).

Keep in mind that the less specific resisted work (Strength Endurance, to the left of the Continuum) is still important. Like Push Sled work, Heavy Pull Sled work, Sled Marches, Heavy Trainer cord resisted work, etc. Because these less-specific exercises raises threshold of Support (foot/ankle) and Suspension (hips/pelvis) muscle activity. But when this base of threshold is raised, APPLY THE THRESHOLD w these types of LIGHT resisted sprints. Like the Raptor Kirocore Sprint featured in this exercise!

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