Basic Crunch – Side Bend Iso (band resist)

Basic Crunch With Band Diverging Lateral Force

With Trunk/Spine development, the number one rule of thumb is to NOT combine concentric motions. However, it’s extremely important to combine muscle groups in the same exercise – just have one motion concentric, and the other motion(s) isomeric.

This is a good example – the Basic Crunch (232 Tempo), Band Diverging Lateral Force.

Note that trunk flexion is working concentric / eccentric. However, the isometric force is placed on the trunk rotators at the bottom of the crunch, and on the trunk lateral flexors at the top of the crunch. This simple band attachment allows for the “combining muscle groups” in the same exercise. WITHOUT having unnecessary stress on the spine (which occurs with many exercises that combine concentric motions – like exercises that seem harmless like a bicycle crunch or a MB/Plate side to side rotation).

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