Dynamic Lateral MB Slams – Unsupported

This variation of lateral med ball slams is all about stability. There are many different factors here that are at play within this rather simple looking exercise. Stability is all about the isometrics. This dynamic lateral mb slam isometrically loads the trunk/spine extensors and lateral flexors. Also, pay attention to the alignment of the feet. The use of a low split-stance causes the adductors to stay active, therefore stabilizing the SI Joint. We are also set up in an “unsupported” stance. This means that the knee is off the ground. By doing this unsupported, we are able to overload the challenge at the toe, foot, ankle, and knee joints. All in all, the whole body is being isometrically stabilized throughout this movement. Try it out and let us know what you think!

Speed-Strength Box Squat

Box Squat; X1X Tempo; Transformer Bar (Back Squat Low Position); Double Strong Bands; 3 Chains; 1.0m/s

10×2 (Complex with depth Jumps)

THIS IS a way to PEAK POWER on a Conjugate Phase. Note Power is all about the dynamic eccentric hold AND concentric power where you can accelerate through the end ROM. This setup allows for both – at very high levels.

WAY MORE effective than Olympic Lifts

CB Speed High Box Squat (31X) – Bands

Nutrient Timing Strategies

It’s not always about WHAT supplements to take – it’s WHEN. Also, protocols for gut health and reducing inflammation is ESSENTIAL. ESSENTIAL TO athletic performance; muscle gain; weight loss / toning; and improved cognitive function and energy. Keeping the body (and the gut) out of an inflamed state is one of the most underrated aspects of nutrition. Pete breaks down various strategies especially for “parents on the go” with very limited time and constant stresses of their kids schedules.

Ascending/Descending Phase

MAX EFFORT. Supine Hip Bridge – HEAVY (note he gets to 6 Strong bands)

SPEED STRENGTH. Kirocore Flexline Explosive Stepups

LOADED POWER. Proteus Rotations

UNLOADED POWER. Band Assisted Depth Jumps

After 4 rounds of this 4-set complex, we hit Posterior Chain complex:

Glute Ham Raise

PB SL Russian Hamstring

During this peak power phase, it’s always good to map it with Max Effort Sprinting. Note the timed sprints – 2pt start and Base-Stealing Starts. The 10-20yd split tracking being the most ideal.

Also note the BIOMETRICS are the key in the weight room. Hence the data we get from a power and symmetry standpoint on the Proteus and Flexline is crucial. These biometrics are important to track the Post-Activation Potentiation affect, the Power symmetry, and PEAKING power based on previous phases.

Pool Deceleration Work

The art and success of changing directions efficiently in any sport is significantly dependent on the DYNAMIC ECCENTRIC load of the posterior chain. And this load needs to be trained at the Support System chain and the Suspension System chain leading into the trunk.

The base is obviously built in the weight room. But there needs to be a transfer to the field. Hence, the DYNAMIC eccentrics – with all angles and diverging forces. And transferred into all aspects of the stretch-reflex (note the vertical, lateral, and horizontal plyometrics).

Note the forces demonstrated here – vertical to lateral; lateral to vertical; double leg; single leg; lateral to lateral; fwd angle; back angle; 90-deg and 180-deg diverging force; and all AGGRESSIVE horizontal (straight leg rhythms, and the incorporation of the accel bounding).

While this work is absolutely necessary, it’s aggressive. This is why it’s so effective in the pool. The muscle action is high so the Vinnie can be high. But, there is less pounding on the joints. In addition, there is an added effect of lateral power and knee extensor power and hip extensor power driving through the water resistance. Further, note the added challenge of stabilization on some of the diverging force landings – because of the momentum caused by the water.

Implement The Basics

Trunk / Spine Isometrics. Seated

Standing, Split Stance, Half Kneeling (supported or unsupported), Half Kneeling Alignment. can go all 4 directions on the trunk. Or Single Arm (SA) – (Fwd or Bck)

Shown here SA Seated (primary focus spinal rotators isometrically.

The trunk rotation strength has numerous ESSENTIAL aspects. Shown here; w MLB for rotary patterns. Any other sport w heavy rotatory motions (softball, boxing/combat, tennis, golf, etc). General fitness / wellness for right / left symmetry for proper joint health and optimal muscle function

But take it a step further with regards to SPRINTING (or jogging or running). It’s obvious that on multidirectional motion, pelvic approximation leading into spinal rotation is important. But what about straight line linear sprinting.

Think about what happens with the leg cycle ar a max effort Sprint (especially one that comes close to or exceeds 20mph). When the leg comes through recovery phase (backside mechanics), the MOMENTUM of that leg motion puts emphasis on the spinal lateral flexors. Hence if the spinal lateral flexors are strong enough isometrically , they can withstand this momentum force. If NOT, it can drive that side up into a “hip hike”, causing a sub-optimal over-stride. The REASONING that Band Iso Trunk (lateral) is so important – strengthen the spinal lateral flexors.

Now, take this concept a little further. When the leg cycles from recovery to transition phase (and eventually into ground prep phase), the MOMENTUM of that leg action puts emphasis on the spinal rotators. Hence if the spinal rotators are strong enough isometrically, they can withstand this momentum force. If NOT, it can drive that side into a “pelvic rotate”, causing an extreme oversteps. The REASONING that Band Iso Trunk – SA is so important!

So this goes beyond simple “trunk strengthening”. This cam also be a extremely EFFECTIVE prep IMMEDIATELY prior to intense max effort sprint work.

Q&A with World-Class Performance Coach Pete Bommarito

World-class performance coach Pete Bommarito shares his favorite healthy aging, fitness, and other wellness tips for athletes – and anyone – who wants to optimize their health.

Do you ever wonder about what nutrition and training routines elite athletes use to stay in top form year after year? Wonder no more. World-class performance coach Pete Bommarito is here to share his favorite healthy aging, fitness, and other wellness tips for athletes – and anyone – who wants to optimize their health.

As the owner and president of Bommarito Performance Systems (BPS), Pete and his staff train hundreds of professional athletes and thousands of youth / high school / collegiate athletes, along with his general fitness clients each year. In addition, Pete also founded Bommarito Performance Systems University (BPSU), an educational platform for sport coaches, performance specialists, trainers, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts at all levels.
We chatted with Pete to get valuable insights on his training philosophy and approaches to better health at every stage of the game.

Can you tell us about the inspiration for creating Bommarito Performance Systems?

Bommarito Performance Systems is regarded around the world as a leading information source and training resource in the industry. The concept behind Bommarito Performance System is to provide the latest application methods of training and fitness that are based on scientific principles outlined in the current research and literature. Our coaches and specialists strive to be industry leaders in implementing our innovative, scientifically-based approach to sport-specific training and overall general fitness. We train hundreds of professional athletes and thousands of youth, high school, and collegiate athletes and general fitness clients every year. BPS implements its system with clients at all levels with small group training, large and small team training, personal training, and general consulting. We have facilities in North Miami Beach and Davie, Florida, and affiliates in Houston and Pittsburgh. BPS also operates out of dozens of parks, schools, and sports complexes in Florida’s Broward and Dade counties.

Bommarito Performance Systems University (BPSU) is an educational platform. it has been instrumental in providing education and information to many different sport coaches, performance specialists, trainers, athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and medical specialists at all levels. BPSU’s online platform provides an exercise database, detailed coaching videos, articles, blogs, forums, webinars, and custom and general programs. BPSU also runs local and international educational workshops that are NSCA- and NASM-approved. The BPSU staff has contributed to dozens of other web-based and written forms of education across numerous media outlets.

The true inspiration for BPS and BPSU is to bring the latest science, cultivated into application methods, to the masses – at all levels, all ages, all sports, all fitness enthusiasts.

What led you to choose Thorne as your health solution partner?

We chose Thorne because Thorne is the only brand that has an extensive list of micronutrients and key supplements that are stand-alone products, as well as being NSF Certified for Sport. A perfect example is their unique stand-alone, Beta Alanine-SR. Beta alanine has been the hottest supplement in the market for years, and research on it is universally positive and getting better. Almost every other supplement brand puts trace amounts into a useless “all-in-one product.” Thorne provides this essential nutrient for performance as its own product, plus it’s NSF Certified for Sport, so we can implement the research and customize the amount on a per client basis.

Thorne is one of the most important factors in all forms of our regeneration and recovery. It has absolutely become a staple, and at times a mandatory part of our overall program. Examples include, but are not limited to, Catalyte for REAL hydration non-stop; Whey Protein Isolate in dozens of shakes and smoothie options; Super EPA, Vitamin D-5000, Zinc, and Beta Alanine for everyone (in various amounts). Our favorites include, but aren’t limited to, Beta Alanine-SR, Super EPA, Amino Complex, Catalyte, Whey Protein Isolate, Zinc Picolinate, Vitamin D-5000, Multi-Vitamin Elite, Creatine, Cal-Mag Citrate, and L-Glutamine. We have many other recommendations based on our overall nutritional evaluations and intake forms – but these are the absolute essentials we recommend to almost everyone.

How can the average person optimize aging through fitness, nutrition, and other wellness routines?

For fitness, complement resistance training in the weight room with metabolic conditioning. Most of the time do metabolic intervals prior to the weight room, even if for only 10-20 minutes because of time constraints. Change up the intervals to hit different energy systems, so don’t lock-in a favorite routine. Do a good combination of high intensity interval training, long slow distance, and intermediates. Change up the stimulus as much as possible – runs, sprints, movement patterns, bike, rowers, steppers, cross trainers, pool, treadmills, incline treadmills, and unmotorized treadmills. In terms of the weight room – same concept, don’t get stuck in a “favorite” routine. Mix up free weights, machines, bands, body weight, and suspension training. Most people lock into “whatever they did when they played sports” or whatever is easiest for them. For example, even if the “usual” is free weights, add in machine work as a supplement to limit asymmetries to make the free weight training more effective. And if you have limited experience, don’t just lock into “machines.” Get professional help, even for a few sessions if cost is an issue, to learn the basics of free weights, bands, and body weight routines to supplement the machines.

For nutrition the most important thing is to understand gut health. Prebiotics, probiotics, digestive enzymes, fiber sources, optimization of intestinal bacteria – all of these are crucial to overall wellness. No matter how “clean” and structured a meal plan is, if gut health is poor and/or the gut is in a consistent inflamed state, then meal plans will never be maximized to full effect.
Other important nutritional points are to get evaluated. Not just the standards of body composition and assigned caloric and macronutrient values – that’s the easy part. Implementing metabolic tests, food sensitivity tests, stress tests, heavy metal tests – these will help customize a meal plan specific to your metabolic profile and external stress factors that will affect your overall wellness.

What advice do you have for someone who wants to start a fitness routine, but doesn’t know where to start?

Contact a true professional, not just a “local trainer” at a random gym, a professional who is directly connected to medical professionals, proven nutritional professionals, and has a solid reputation in the fitness, wellness, and/or sports performance markets.
Talk about the importance of healthy aging.

Healthy aging is important for athletes because the longer they are involved in sports, the more stress is placed on the body. Many forms of stress negatively affect joint health, muscle integrity, and in some cases, gut health. Various injuries can compound these factors. It’s better to get the proper supplements early, even before metabolic aging factors arise. As far as the general population is concerned, an active lifestyle is essential – but it also comes with stress. In addition, the activity level isn’t always as high as needed because of work, family obligations, etc. Proper supplementation isn’t the only answer to healthy aging – but it is an absolutely essential component.

I truly believe it’s almost impossible to perfect healthy aging without these types of supplements, and Thorne has the best, by far.

How do Thorne’s healthy aging supplements – like NiaCel and ResveraCel – factor into your fitness regimens?

We use them because most individuals that hit a certain age need to perfect the basics of efficient metabolism to maintain an athletic build and optimize recovery.
No question this works, because everyone who has taken them, myself included, has felt the effects in terms of energy, recovery, sleep – and most important – maintaining a lean frame. Anti-aging is a complicated process, but this is an efficient, cost-effective, and simple way to get the basics. We 100-percent recommend this to athletes, especially as athletes reach the latter parts of their careers.

An individual should definitely look for the quality in a nicotinamide riboside supplement. Look at the quality of the breakdown of Thorne’s ResveraCel and map it to the current literature and research. It’s amazing you get these ingredients in these amounts for this price. When taking it, the biggest effect is energy levels and mental focus, and in many cases, quality of sleep.

What’s the best piece of fitness advice or training secret you’ve learned over the years you could share with our readers?

Take a multi-disciplinary approach to all aspects of fitness. Physical therapists, ATC’s, chiropractors, and massage/neuromuscular therapists are trained to rehabilitate injuries. But the good ones can look at structure, integrity, and symmetry patterns to give valuable information to trainers and coaches to truly customize a fitness, wellness, and/or sports performance program. They are also effective at regeneration and recovery. Hence, seek out all disciplines, as well as preventative maintenance, in addition to the obvious unfortunate occurrence of rehabbing an injury.

Have a unique structure of specialists to supplement your training – whether or not you’re training on your own or using a trainer/coach. Connect all professionals involved to a nutrition plan. If it’s more cost effective to use nutrition plans that are “at-home,” like the numerous Thorne options, they can be just as effective. It just takes discipline to follow a plan – even if it’s general.

To learn more about BPS and their services, check out bommaritoperformance.com or follow Pete and his training highlights @bommaritos on Instagram.

Row variation – The Variable Load

The Variable Load Effect. Most of our Posterior Chain Exercises are done with a Variable Load component. Whether we are implementing a cable exercise, a Prone Row, a Landmine Row, a Jammer Row, a Seated Row, and/or a High Row, we have success with setups that account for band attachments. Occasionally we will add in chains (example a Prone Bar Row) – but Bands are typically our preference. This accommodating resistance factor is essential to complete Posterior Chain development.

Note in the first exercise, the Prone Row has a double band attachment on the lever. This will increase the load throughout the concentric part of the row (the lever gets heavier as the lever moves closer to the chest).

In the second exercise, the Standing Single Arm Cable Low Row, can be done with several variations. Which include, but are not limited to: SA Mid Row, SA High Row, DA Row, Half Kneeling position, Seated position, etc. Note that we installed a plate with attachments on the top of the weight stack; and subsequently Band hooks on the outside uprights that surround the weight stack. This allows for double Short Band attachments – which SIGNIFICANTLY increases the variable load. During the concentric portion of this row, the weight stack will move up the rods; that extreme band tension at the top. Thus, providing the overload as the hand moves towards the ribs. This is also great for trunk rotation. In this standing parallel stance – the isometric trunk rotation is emphasized throughout the row. With the double banded extreme variable load – this trunk rotation aspect is extreme (especially at the top of the concentric).

The final exercise is an Air Resisted Row. We use the Flexline or Keiser (Flexline preferred). This is a CONTSTANT load based on the pneumatic system. However, similar loading properties occur as with the Band accommodating resistance. Mainly, the client can accelerate through the end range of motion. Which cannot be done with typical Cable Rows (UNLESS implemented with band attachments) or Lever Rows (UNLESS implemented with band attachments).

Overall, this accommodating resistance is crucial for complete Posterior Chain Development. We use Speed Rows of all stances, positions, and angles. Which the variable load is absolutely necessary for safety, protecting the equipment, and achieving the INTENTION of accelerating through the end range of motion. However, we even implement them on max effort work, volume work, high tempo work, etc. The motor unit recruitment will be maximized if the load increases throughout the concentric. Hence, “more bang for your buck” feature.