Training Diverging Forces

Training Diverging Forces

Kansas City DL Chris Jones regarded as one of the best OVERALL defensive PLAYERS in football. DIVERSITY is the key. When a guy of this size is this athletic, mismatches are created and great things can happen.

Training DIVERGING forces is an effective way to take an elite athlete and challenge the system.

Note the different variations in each of the videos:

1. Resisted 5yd DL Get Off

2. Assisted 10yd standard acceleration

3. Assisted 10yd DL Get-Off (DIVERGING ASSISTED FORCE). Note the angle of the cord pulls at an angle so the 1st step AND stride length is still maximized, but the “angled pull” makes the trunk/spine lateral flexors / rotators AND hip abductors / adductors work isometrically as the line of the sprint is different than the angle of the pull

4. Assisted 5yd standard acceleration – DIVERGING FORCE

5. Resisted 10yd DL Get off – DIVERGING FORCE

Note the blend of variations of different complexes. Start positions; Position specific versus standard athleticism; resisted versus assisted versus free; different force angles of Resist or Assist.

Complex these drills with Kirocore back sled sprint to raise threshold of the Support System AND Trunk/Spine isometrics (especially rotation). This will make these application drills a LOT more effective.

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