Speed / Movement / Agility

Resisted Sprints – Strength/Power Continuum


Since there is so much activity in this group (and on the Members Only Website discussion board!) with the concepts of Resisted Sprints, we figured it might be appropriate to share clips of this live session.

Note that the “Strength/Power Endurance Continuum” focuses on resisted work that is less specific (Strength, on the left side of the Continuum) and more specific (to the right).
This sequence shown here is one of the THE MOST SPECIFIC, and is placed on the far right side of the Continuum within the Periodization cycle of sprint capacity work. WHY?? The Vertimax Raptor provides very LIGHT resistance – so the body lean, foot strike (with respect to the center of mass), AND the overall ground contact time is very similar to a free sprint (no resistance).

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Trunk Isometrics to Advanced Movement Progressions

This detailed coaching video demonstrates various technical drills to complex with advanced movement mechanics during training cycles.  Plyometrics and Footwork drills are great technical drills to complex with full speed movement and sprinting.  However, TRUNK ISOMETRICS at basic levels enhance the plyometric, footwork, and overall technical mechanics.  It's a good idea to set that base of threshold of trunk isometric strength to maximize performance on technical drills.  It's also a good idea to complex trunk AND technical drills with full speed movement and sprint training.